Placement Pantry


We know that placements can be expensive and often happen on short notice. Our goal in providing material things is to try and remove one of the barriers for families to begin caring for kids in need. It gives us the opportunity to meet an immediate need and connect with new families.

Make a Request

A family preparing for a new placement can make a request from the pantry by doing the following:

  1. Consider if you agree with Dayton Family Tree and what we stand for. It's our desire—but not requirement—that families we serve will one day serve other families.
  2. Consider your greatest needs for your new placement. We have limited resources, but we intend to offer quality, new items that are among the most necessary for new placements. Make a list of your greatest priorities.
  3. Submit your request through our pantry request form. We ask that all requests be made personally by parents, not social workers or others on their behalf. 
  4. We will follow up via phone/text/email to review your pantry request. We are happy to offer delivery to most of the Dayton area in an effort to serve you in this hectic time. Pick-up is also available. Our goal is to fulfill all accepted requests within 24 hours.