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Some Reading For Now

The following is abridged content from Apex's Orphan Care page.

These resources are not exhaustive, but they are a great way to get started immediately. In Apex's 2016 Orphan Weekend message beginning at minute 43:00, Phil Wing describes four primary ways to engage: Prevent, Provide, Partner, and Parent. Below is an introduction to these four engagements.


The main thrust of orphan prevention is to help families stay together by providing care and equipping them to overcome the desperate situations and cultures they live in. This can be done by providing childcare for a single parent so they can work or get education in order to sustain their family.  This can be done by basic hygiene education, skill-training, or micro-grants for upstart businesses. This can also be done by fighting against the sex-trade that leads to many parentless children every year. Read more on Apex's Orphan Care Page.


James 1:27 tells us that “Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress...” Every child comes with great needs. In a single parent or parentless home, providing for basic necessities can be very difficult—at times impossible. These needs include food, shelter, clothing, education, or medication.

Sponsorships are a great way to start. By a small donation each month, you can help provide food, clothing, and education to children in need from many parts of the world. Another option are short term trips to visit orphans to see their needs firsthand; this often leads to lifetime heart changes for the care of orphans. Read more on Apex's Orphan Care Page.

Similarly, if you agree with the goals of Dayton Family Tree and would like to provide financially to our ministry, please visit our Donate page.


Isaiah 1:17 tells the people of God to “take up the cause of the fatherless.” One of the biggest needs that every child will have is the urgency to have adults come alongside them to instill basic values, beliefs, and understandings - to show them a Godly example. Whether orphan, single parent, or at risk, these children often have a deficiency of biblical love and grace. Plain and simple, they need mentors. There are many organizations that help match adults with kids in a mentoring relationship. Read more on Apex's Orphan Care Page.


Psalm 68:6 speaks of the adoptive nature of God by saying, “Father to the fatherless... God places the lonely in families.” For the follower of Christ, we have experienced the greatest of all adoptions. Through adoption, foster, and respite care, we have the opportunity to show children the great grace that was shown to us. Next to their need for Jesus, a child has no greater need than the need for a parent. Orphans face many obstacles that simply would not be there if they had parents and advocates fighting for them. Parenting orphans and foster children is not easy. It will take hard work, patience, persistence, and great love. But it is worth it.

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